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Local Vision Mission

Fort Worth Texas

Our Mission:

Temple Baptist Church strives to address the material and spiritual needs of those in poverty or in crisis through Gospel-centered altruism that advances the Kingdom of God.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to model after Jesus. In his 3 year ministry he traveled town to town teaching and preaching the good news of salvation had come. And it was Himself! As he went along, he was moved with compassion (Matthew 9:36) when HE SAW his people suffering. In Acts 3:1-10 Peter and John, SAW a poor crippled man at the gate of the Temple and by faith spoke the name and power of Jesus Christ to this crippled man and he believed and was healed. Jesus saw. His Apostles saw. And so should we. Nothing should ever obscure our vision of the human condition around us. We must fix our eyes like Jesus.

We believe that coming along side and providing assistance for our members in the event of an unfortunate tradegy or hardship that causes a temporary financial strain is biblical for the church body to provide some of that relief (Acts 2:42-47, James 2:15-17).

We also recognize that many in our local community are struggling. We also recognize that our view of poverty will shape our solutions to alleviation. Poverty is not fundamentally a lack of material resources. Rather, the root issue is broken relationships with: 1) God, 2) self, 3) others, and 4) the rest of creation. In this sense, we all experience poverty because we all have broken relationships in all four categories. This is why we need Jesus. All of us. Local Vison Missions (LVM) desires to work to tangibly alleviate material poverty while holding the larger view of poverty as broken relationships as the root cause of material poverty. We will approach those we work with with humility and love, not a sense of superiority and paternalism.

Categories of restoration or alleviation:

1. Relief - urgent, temporary provision of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from crisis (natural or man-made)

2. Rehabilitation - seeking to restore people to positive elements of pre-crisis conditions. Dynamically working WITH the person, asking them to take positive actions to participate in their own recovery

3. Development - ongoing change that moves all (material poor and materially non-poor) closer to being in right relationship with God, self, other, and the rest of creation than they have been in the past. Where we become more of what God created us to be

To request assistance, select the questionnaire link below and submit.

Please know assistance may come in the form of assisting you by connecting you to other outside/appropriate agencies (Unemployment Office, Welfare Department, Food Banks, etc.)

If you are approved for LVM to provide a means of financial assistance, assistance may come in monetary form or, more likely, by way of gift card, or direct payment to the debtor. However, no circumstance is the same; therefore, assistance can vary accordingly. Please be aware, no assistance is provided without a potentially lengthy conversation, all of which, is kept confidential within LVM leadership.

Local Vision Mission
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