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Temple Kids

Temple Kids is a place for kids to meet new friends and experience Jesus!  

We believe that when the influences of the church and home are combined, they make a greater impact on the hearts of our kids. Therefore, all of our classes are led by our experienced team of volunteers and secondary students to create a safe and exciting environment for kids to grow in their relationship with God and foster a desire to discuss their faith with their parents. 

For more information, feel free to contact our Family Pastor, Blake Baxter - bbaxter@templebaptistchurch.net


Weekly Bullein

News & Events


Gospel Project - Through The BibleSunday Morning Community Group at 9:30am

Wednesday, July 11:  NO Temple Student Ministry @ 6:45pm & NO Temple Kids @ 6:45pm

Wednesday, July 11: NO Wedesday Night Adult Community Groups @ 7pm

Thursday, July 12:   NO Thursday Night College/Singles Community Group @7pm

July 18-20: TSM Gateway Student Conference

July 20-24: Kids Camp

August 4: Temple Days Work Day 8am-12pm


Services Sunday 10:30am

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