Temple Baptist Church

Purpose and Beliefs

Our Purpose

We have a simple view of the life to which God has called us.  Temple exists to guide people to life change in Jesus Christ.  We flesh this out through the following four ideas:

Know God | Love God | Share God | Connect with Each Other

We seek to Know God through a personal relationship. We are very passionate about our faith in the Bible and we believe that it is breathed out by God and without error. It is within its pages, and nowhere else, that we find direction and guidance for life.

We seek to Love God.  We believe that true life, meaning, and joy is found when our mission is the glory of God in all things.  Worship is more than just music to us. Worship is intended by God to be a way of life.

We seek to Share God with the World through the Gospel. It is our firm conviction that it is the calling of every believer in Jesus to advance the message of the Good News to every people in every nation in all the world beginning in northeast Fort Worth and to the ends of the world.

We seek to Connect With Each Other in Christian love. The message of historical Christianity has always intended to be expressed through loving acts of mercy by the followers of Jesus. Our goal is to evidence our faith in the work of the cross by showing genuine love and compassion to those within our church family and those in our community.

Our Beliefs 

About God
We believe in one God who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

About Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son, virgin-born, died on the cross, resurrected from the dead, is coming again, and is the only way to heaven.

About The Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in every Christian, provides power for living, gives understanding, and provides guidance for doing what is right.

About Human Beings
We believe that all people are created in the image of God but became alienated from God through sin, and as a result, need salvation.

About Salvation
We believe that salvation is a gift of God to all who receive it. Only by trusting in Jesus Christ can anyone be saved.  (The Good News)

About Eternal Security
We believe God gives people eternal life through Jesus Christ.  We believe this life cannot be gained, kept, or lost by humankind.

About Eternity
We believe that people will exist eternally either separated from God in Hell or in union with God in Heaven.

About The Bible
We believe the Bible was verbally inspired by God and without error in the original writings and has been supernaturally preserved throughout history. It is the supreme authority in all matters of truth.

About The Church
We believe that the church is the body of Christ. We believe all Christians are to be in covenant with a local body of believers.

About Human Sexuality
We believe that God's design for human sexuality is the marriage of one woman to one man. All sexual practices outside of God's plan are sinful.

About Sexuality Identity
We believe that God created mankind in His image: male (man) and female (woman), sexually different but with equal personal dignity. We must affirm our biological gender and refrain from any and all attempts to physically change, alter, or disagree with our created predominant biological sex. 

Weekly Bullein

News & Events

Gospel Project - Through The BibleSunday Morning Community Group at 9:30am

Wednesday, February 19: TSM &Temple Kids @ 7pm

Wednesday, February 19Wednesday Night Adult Community Groups @ 7pm

Thursday, February 13Thursday Night College/Singles Community Group @ 7pm

Sunday, February 23: Night of Worship - Baptism, Communion & Singing @ 5pm

Sunday February 23: TSM Mission Kenya Dessert Auction - Immediately Following The Night of Worship


Services Sunday 9:30 & 11:00

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